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Healthy Food


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Healthy Aging

Aging adults have different nutritional needs than younger people. There are many reasons for this: muscle mass naturally diminishes, absorption and intake of some nutrients changes, chronic health problems emerge, and a lifetime of sub-optimal diet takes a toll. Most Primary Care providers are too busy to take time with these issues, or lack basic knowledge to counsel patients in nutrition for healthy aging. To make matters worse, there exists an entire industry targeting seniors fears and confusion surrounding their health and nutrition.

The most common questions I receive from seniors is “how can I eat to maintain my health?” and "how can I get on fewer medicines?" It should come as no surprise that the answers to these questions are related. After years of practice serving adults over 65 I have developed knowledge and experience in the unique needs of older adults— both those aiming for 100 years and those struggling daily with common chronic medical conditions to maximize healthy, and when possible, create a path to getting off unhelpful medicines. Get clarity and a sound foundation for life-long nutrition with a BURN Medicine tele-health consultation.

With BURN You Get: 

We provide a 1-hour MD tele-visit that includes a one-on-one comprehensive health assessment and nutritional consultation:

-Receive a personalized nutrition evaluation to meet your goals:

~Gain weight or lose unhealthy “visceral” fat

~Maintain or build muscle mass and bone density

~Preserve neurological function

~Reduce risk for chronic disease like gout and diabetes

-Identify medications or other health problems that can impact metabolic health

-Learn what vitamins and nutritional supplements work, which do not, and which to avoid

-Provide specific activity recommendations for maintaining function and preventing injury

-Prescribe medications to improve metabolic health if indicated

-Follow-up by phone, email, and tele-visit to ensure you are reaching your goals



*BURN Performance Medicine offers general nutritional evaluation and wellness counseling. Our service does not manage or provide recommendations regarding enteral feeding (“tube feeding”) for patients with gastro-intestinal conditions that prevent oral intake of food.


**BURN Performance Medicine does not manage or make recommendations regarding neuro-endocrinological diseases that involve in-born errors of normal metabolism, such as G6DP deficiency, homocysteinuria, phenylketonuria, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and the like. These and related metabolic disorders require treatment by a sub-specialist dedicated to the management of these conditions.   


If you have are uncertain whether a BURN consultation may or may not be appropriate for you please contact us to discuss your medical background and needs.

Contact us to learn more, or sign-up now for a 1 hour one-on-one tele-health consultation at a time that works for you. This includes in-depth assessment, personalized recommendations, and 1 year full access to BURN Performance online health information resources. Follow-up consultations can be made following after your initial consultation.

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