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Jonathan "Ben" Wilfong, M.D.

I started BURN Performance Medicine to open the door for all people to access high-quality, personalized, and evidence-based care for weight loss, nutrition, and optimal health. With the epidemic of diabetes, overweight, and lifestyle-related disease affecting America the need for weight loss and sound nutritional counseling is greater than ever. However, more than in any other realm of medicine the science of nutrition is mixed up with unvalidated fads, celebrity opinions, and veiled marketing. It is challenging to to find an experienced doctor that can help you find the signal amidst the noise. 


Let’s be honest. In the current model of healthcare doctors and nurses are encouraged to diagnose disease and prescribe a treatment as quickly as possible. While there is no doubt an important role for medicines, I have concluded that there is too little emphasis put on reversing the causes of disease that too often start in our diet, activity, and mental well-being. Whether you are working to lose weight, to manage your diabetes, or simply perform at your best, at BURN we you will receive personalized, evidence-based strategies that are proven by experience.

Who Is BURN Right For?

  • Adults trying to lose weight

  • Athletes striving to maximize performance and speed recovery

  • People with type 2 diabetes looking to improve A1c and reduce dependence on medication

  • Seniors working to maintain weight, gain muscle and bone, or prevent functional decline 

  • Anyone building lifelong nutrition for preventing chronic disease! 

Why Work with Dr. Wilfong?

I am a Board-Certified Internal Medicine physician and life-long athlete. I have particular areas of expertise in obesity medicine, diabetes management, preventative care and Men's Health. I know how hard it is to find a doctor with a deep understanding of physiology and insight into the nutritional strategies for optimal health. I know that it is even harder to get a consultation in a time and place that works in your schedule. I started BURN to bring the new science of nutrition, metabolism, and weight loss medicine out of the clinic and into the hands of people looking to build lasting health. In short, I wanted to be for others the doctor I always wished I had. So whether you are setting your sights on a new personal record, trying to beat diabetes, or working to simply look and feel your best, get started with BURN now.


What Makes BURN Different?

Relationship: Burn is a one-on-one MD telehealth service. You will work entirely with me, Dr. Wilfong, for your consultation and long-term management.

Time: It takes time to learn your health, understand your needs, and develop a personalized care plan. Initial consultations last at least one hour, and follow-up visits will be scheduled as needed.

Knowledge: I am an active athlete and board-certified general internist with interest in weight loss, lifestyle medicine, and holistic wellness. Training from each of these disciplines informs the BURN approach.

Experience: I have helped hundreds of patients - often with complex medical conditions - lose weight and control diabetes for over six years in medical practice.

Flexibility: As a telehealth service I will meet with you at a time that works in the comfort of your own home. No more waiting rooms, no more commuting. 

Passion: I do this work because I love supporting people reach their optimal wellness. I have worked in the standard office practice (and still do practice general Internal Medicine outside of BURN), but I feel strongly that we need a way to break the appointment-based office visit model that limits who gets care.

Contact us to learn more, or sign-up now for a 1 hour one-on-one tele-health consultation at a time that works for you. This includes in-depth assessment, personalized recommendations, and 1 year full access to BURN Performance online health information resources. Follow-up consultations can be made following after your initial consultation.

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