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Nutrition and Performance for Athletes

Ski. Ride. Run. Paddle. Swim. Climb. Lift. Athletes have unique medical needs. Competitive level sport places extraordinary demands on the musculoskeletal system, the metabolism, and on the psyche. Most Primary Care providers have little to no training in exercise physiology and metabolism. This leaves everyone but the pros sifting through endless internet fitness trends and pseudo-science for guidance to stay healthy and maintain their edge. At BURN we offer evidence-based, athlete-to-athlete performance medicine assessment, testing, and management.

Who can benefit from a BURN consultation? 

- Athletes at every level who want to reach the next level of performance

- Competitors looking to optimize body composition

- People with little athletic experience who are ready to start a new activity

- Experienced athletes of all ages who received years of unexamined reassurance that they are “so healthy” while overlooking the potentially detrimental effects of the sport itself.

What BURN Offers:

- Advise pre-sport testing recommendations when appropriate

- Determine energy and nutritional demand
- Recommend nutrition to propel your goals:

  • Muscle mass gain

  • Weight loss

  • Optimal endurance

  • Rapid, consistent recovery

  • Injury prevention

- Evaluate other physical and psychological sport-related health risks
- Demystify of nutritional supplements: what works, what doesn’t, and what to avoid

- Provide guidance for safe sport for those living with other medical conditions such as diabetes or heart disease

- Health maintenance evaluation for life-long athletes

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Still have questions? Contact us to learn more, or sign-up now for a 1 hour one-on-one initial tele-health consultation at a time that works for you. This includes in-depth assessment, personalized recommendations, and 1 year full access to BURN Performance online health information resources. Follow-up consultations can be made following after your initial consultation.

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