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Supervised Weight Loss Tailored for You

Overweight, obesity, and medical conditions caused by over-nutrition are epidemic in America thanks to changes to our diet and lifestyle in the last 50 years. These changes are often out of our control, and to make matters worse, the medical establishment has recommended strategies for weight loss that have been unhelpful and in some cases flat out wrong. “Eat less.” “Fewer calories.” “Exercise more.” “Low fat!” Sound familiar? If you live with obesity or overweight then you know that these strategies don’t work, and sometimes actually add fuel to the fire of diabetes and other medical problems. Ultimately the number of the scale is not what matters. Feeling good in your own skin and reducing your risk of chronic disease is our goal, and we can help you get there.

New understanding of the metabolic factors that affect weight gain and fat loss have empowered us with tools that help average people reach their weight loss goals. The BURN Performance Medicine approach to weight loss will help you understand the sources of your weight gain and develop a personalized plan to cause predictable weight loss while optimizing nutrition.

Elements of the BURN Consultation Include:

  • Develop a personalized dietary plan

~Discover and reduce the sources of weight gain in your diet and lifestyle
~Identify other health problems and medications contributing to weight gain
~Reach a balance of your favorite foods so you don’t have to give up what you love

  • Establish a pattern of eating that maximizes fat-burning every day

  • Provide you the tools to track your success and avoid setbacks

  • Deliver an exercise routine to optimize muscle mass and fat loss

  • Prescribe medications to accelerate weight loss and metabolic health when if desired and indicated

  • Follow-up by phone, email, and tele-visit until you reach your goal!

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The BURN Performance method employs the solid science that underlies popular diets but without the hype, the products, and the gimmicks of “dieting.”  BURN helps you establish a life-long relationship with food that is sustainable and healthy. Our strategy does not go to extremes, and most importantly, it supports optimal metabolic health to help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol, and risk for chronic inflammatory disease. We do prescribe weight loss medications including Ozempic (Semaglutide), Mounjaro (Tirzepatide) and others when they are appropriate, and we will discuss whether this may be right for you. I have been doing this work one-on-one in my practice for years with impressive results, and I am so pleased to finally bring this effective evidence-based strategy to people outside the clinic.

In addition to your consultation you will receive 1-year access to all exclusive web content from BURN Performance Medicine, including useful resources to aid healthy weight loss:

  • Are certain foods “good” and others foods “bad,” and why?

  • Do artificial sweeteners help with weight loss?

  • Are over-the-counter products advertised on TV safe and effective?

  • Are gluten-free alternatives healthier?

And more…

Have questions? Contact us to learn more, or sign-up now for a 1 hour one-on-one tele-health consultation at a time that works for you. This includes in-depth assessment, personalized recommendations, and 1 year full access to BURN Performance online health information resources. Follow-up consultations can be made following after your initial consultation.

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